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    South Bay Main Marina, Moa Road, Kaikoura, 7300 Need directions?. Or call the skipper on 0800 763 328

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    Kaikoura is the only seaside town where the mountains meet the sea. Kaikoura has one of the most diverse marine environments in the world. The south island township is located right under the mountains and only a short distance from the deep under water Kaikoura canyons. This is the home of many marine mammals like the mighty sperm whale, dolphins and seals a vast array of sea birds like the spectacular Royal Albatross. We are lucky to have some of the best waters for fishing charters that New Zealand has to offer. Our Kaikoura fishing charters vary, can be tailor made to suit with all gear supplied. We also offer exclusive charters. One very popular trip is the two hour which the target species are Blue Cod, Perch and of course the Kaikoura delicacy Crayfish or Lobster. Other fishing trips can be 3 or 4 hours for Blue Cod Perch and Crayfish. Also an 8-hour deep water Groper and Blue Nose charter, fishing to depths as deep as 500 meters. To enjoy the ultimate fishing adventure and charters in Kaikoura with the Rodfather please contact us or call us on 0800 763 328 or email us at

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    Type of Vessel: Osprey 850 Hard Top with a 300 hp 4 stroke Yamaha Construction: Aluminium Equipment: The Rodfather operates under the New Zealand Safe Ship Management Policy (MSA number) and carries all safety and navigational equipment including full electronics, sounder, GPS as required by Maritime New Zealand.

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    The RodFather crew has been running fishing and diving charters out of Kaikoura for over 12 years. The Kaikoura coastline, situated on the east coast of the upper South Island of New Zealand, offers an incredible fishing and diving opportunity. Kaikoura is renowned for its deepwater fishery where you can catch Groper, Bluenose, Ling, Bluenose, Ling, Kingfish, Hoki, Alfonsino and Ribaldo in abundance



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